Storage Options for Excess Hardware Inventory

If you own a small hardware shop that is busting at its seams due to the amount of inventory inside of it, pack and store items that are not currently needed with the following tips. Reducing the amount of inventory inside of the building that you are operating will help you remain organized until you are able to locate a larger building to move into, if you decide to do so.

Tote Containers That Are Secured to Casters

Visit a retailer that sells storage items and view large tote containers that are secured to casters. Select several containers and a lid that will fit securely over each one before making your purchase. Place heavy items or bulk materials in each container. If there are breakable items being stored inside of the containers, wrap them in bubble wrap before setting them inside of each one.

List the contents of each container on adhesive labels. Secure one label to the lid of each container. Push the storage units outdoors and line them up inside of a shed, or rent a unit to temporarily store them.

Specialized Storage Cabinet

Purchase a specialized storage cabinet that was designed to hold a variety of small hardware pieces, such as nails, screws, and bolts. Place the items in separate compartments. Secure a label to the front of each one. This type of cabinet can remain inside of your business as long as you have enough room for it. It will also come in handy if you ever decide to move your business to a larger building in the future. It will help keep your inventory neatly contained and may make it easier for you to find items that customers need.

Wall Organizers

Purchase wall organizers that are secured to a wall with hardware or metal hooks. Organizers contain several pockets that are made out of translucent material. You can place tools, fixtures, pipes, or any other item that you would like to remove from the shelves inside of one of the pockets. You can clearly see what is in each storage space at all times and can move the organizers to another part of the building or to a new location without needing to empty out all of the pockets.

All of these tips will help you eliminate clutter inside of your hardware business and will also help you keep track of inventory so that it can be moved with ease if you decide to lease or purchase a new building in the future.

For advice on what types of containers might be good for storage and moving, visit sites such as to consult with commercial movers near you.