Moving Just Down The Block? How Local Moving Services Can Still Help

It may sound funny to hear that someone is hiring local moving services to help them move a block or two, but there may be several circumstances that would prevent you from being able to complete a very short move by yourself, such as stairs or heavy furniture. Here are some ways in which moving services can still be quite beneficial for very short distance moves.

Dollies and Extra Hands

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a moving service to help you move a block or two is all of the extra hands and bodies. The movers can lift and move more stuff, or at least more than you could move yourself over that short distance. They would also bring lots of furniture dollies, which would help move all of your large items out of your current home and down the street to your new location.

Handcarts and Conveyor Belts

If you're moving an extremely short distance (e.g., three houses or apartment buildings down), then the movers may even be able to use portable conveyor belts and long, low handcarts. The portable conveyor belts have several casters connected in lines and strings, which are usually used to unload trucks on a dock. Every box you pack and throw out onto the conveyor belt gets wheeled along on the belt to a waiting handcart on the opposite end. It is the assembly line method for moving short distances, and it saves everyone a lot of back-breaking work trying to haul boxes to a truck or handcart. Instead, the conveyor belts can roll your boxes as far down the block as you need them, and, if they need to go a little further, the mover places the boxes on a long, low handcart and wheels them into your new place.

More Organized Move

When you have to move so short a distance, then the movers can even help you move in a more organized fashion. They can move one room at a time, which enables you to keep all of the boxes for each room separate. Since there is no confusion or need to label boxes because they are not loaded onto a truck, you can focus on getting everything moved quickly. You can even unpack at the new location while the movers continue to move one room at a time down to your new apartment or home.

To find out how a moving service can help you through your short-distance move, contact a business like Walsh Moving & Storage.