Keeping Your Storage Unit Free Of Pests

If you just rented a storage unit to hold your belongings, you will want to take precautionary steps in keeping pests from invading the area. Most storage units are sealed rather well to keep the area moisture-free. This will help in keeping pests from getting inside as well. If there are, however, small cracks or holes within the walls of the unit, pests may make their way inside. Here are some steps you can take to improve the chances of keeping insects and rodents out of your storage unit.

Check Over The Structure Before Renting

Before you rent a storage unit, make sure there are no visible cracks within the walls. If you notice a void in a wall of a unit you are thinking about renting, ask the manager for a new unit or see if they would be willing to fill in the broken area with some caulk. Check that the front door is completely sealed and not in need of a new gasket. To do this, have someone stand inside the unit. Place a piece of paper on the ground so it is trapped underneath the door when it is closed. Have the person inside try to pull the paper out from under the door after it is shut. If it offers resistance, the door is sealed well. If the person can easily pull the paper out of the area, move on to another unit.

Check Over Items Before Putting Inside

There is the possibility you will be the one bringing pests into the unit if you do not check over your items before you place them inside the enclosure. Do not put boxes in a unit without taking the items out and putting them back inside, first. This way there will be no stowaways getting inside without your knowledge. Make sure to wash all clothing and wipe down all furniture before storing. This will remove any insects or larvae from the items effectively.

Keep All Edibles Out Of Your Unit

It is important not to place any edible items inside of a storage unit. Even if you think a food item is well-protected with packaging, it is possible there is a pinhole or crack in cardboard or plastic allowing the scent of the enclosed item to emit into your storage unit. This would be an attractive scent to insects or mice, making them try to gain entry to the enclosure as a result. Pet food should also not be placed in a storage unit as it will attract all types of pests.

Add Some Deterrents In Your Enclosure

Having a few insect and mice deterrents in your storage unit will help you keep it from becoming invaded. Place several cotton balls that were dipped in peppermint oil around the storage unit. These can be swapped with fresh ones at each visit. Peppermint will deter spiders and mice. Draw a line of chalk across the floor underneath your door to help keep ants from getting inside of the unit. Sprinkling some borax in the corners of your unit will also keep insects at bay.

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