Tips For Moving A Long Distance With Kids

Moving across several states or even abroad with children is much more stressful than simply moving on your own. As a responsible parent, you want to make sure all of your child's needs are met during and after the move. The following guide can help you use a full service moving and relocation company to your advantage.

Choose a home wisely

Extreme long distance moves often come with the additional logistics problem of finding a new home. For many families, this means opting for temporary housing while they look for the perfect place to settle. A relocation company can help you vet neighborhoods so you can find temporary housing in the right school district and in an area that is child-friendly. This can help ease the transition to the new area.

Streamline the move

This is especially important with younger kids, who may be more upset about the the process of moving than about the actual move. Opt for a full service company that offers packing, loading and unloading, and even unpacking services. This gives you more time to spend with the kids and helps keep everyone's stress levels lower.

Give everyone a personal box

This box should be filled with comfort items that they can take with them in the car or on the place. It should include items like favorite toys, books, and other personal belongings that lend comfort until items are unpacked at your new home. You may also want to include a few extras to help make the move smoother, such as letters from friends that they can read when they feel lonely.

Find your favorite activities

Full service relocation companies often do more than just pack up and move you. Many also offer a type of concierge service that will help you identify everything from the best local parks and schools to clubs or activities your children may like. This can be especially helpful if your child was deeply involved in a sport or activity, such as soccer or dance, since the service will be able to provide you with a list of similar groups that your child can join in the new home.

Unpack the kids first

You will need to work with your movers to ensure that the kids' items are loaded on the truck last so that they can be the first things unloaded once you are at the new home. Then, make sure you spend time setting up their bedrooms first. Not only will unpacking and settling in help keep the kids busy while the rest of the house is being moved, it will also give them a safe space to call their own as they adjust to their new home.

For more help with relocation and moving, contact a professional relocation moving service in your area.