Make Sure To Pack Your Antique China Safely

If you have antique china, you want to make sure that it is all packed correctly. One big problem with antique china is that it is nearly impossible to replace a piece that gets broken or chipped. Making sure that everything is packed properly will make it less likely that something will break or chip.

Packing Materials

The first thing you need to have to pack your china is all the correct materials. 

  • Large dish boxes
  • Smaller dish boxes that fit in the large boxes with space around the inner box
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Packing material

Packing Process

You want to wrap each piece of china in bubble wrap and tape the bubble wrap closed. The wrap with little bubbles will work well because you get the protection of the bubble wrap, and it doesn't take up as much space. Before you put anything in the smaller box, put a layer of packing material like crumbled packing paper or packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Start by putting the larger, sturdier items on the bottom, generally the plates. You want to stack them sideways so that they are standing on their rims. That tends to be the stronger edge of the china. You want to pack in layers, filling up any space with extra packing material so that there is no shifting in transit.

When the box is full but not so full that you can't easily close the box, tape it shut. Then you will put it in the larger box. Again, place a layer of packing peanuts or crumpled paper on the bottom. Packing peanuts will work better in this case because it's easier to make sure that there are no gaps in between the inner and outer boxes. It's also less likely to compress under the weight of the inner box. If you are worried about the sustainability of using packing peanuts, there are peanuts that are made of recyclable material, so you can recycle them when you are done. 

After you put a layer of packing material on the bottom of the box, place the inner box in the larger box. Start pouring more peanuts all around the sides, filling up the sides. When you think that you have them completely full, gently shake the box. That will make sure that the gaps are all filled up. Keep doing that until the level of the peanuts doesn't go down any further, and then make sure there is a layer of material on top. Then tape it up, very securely, and mark it with fragile on all sides along with this side up, and an arrow pointing towards the top. 

If you are moving with antique china, you want to make sure that everything is packed correctly. It may take a little bit of time to do it, but it will be worth is. for more information, contact a local moving company.