Ways That You Can Help A Neighbor Who Is Moving

Whether you're good friends with a neighbor or you don't know each other beyond exchanging brief pleasantries, it's polite to help out when the neighbor is moving. The obvious way to lend a hand is to ask if you can help load the moving truck or perform other such moving day tasks, but this isn't the only method that you can use to lend assistance. There are a number of other ways that you can contribute based on how much you wish to be involved; you may want to help a friend all day, but probably won't take this attitude with someone you don't know well. Depending on how you want to help, here are some ideas to consider.

Move Your Vehicle

A simple way to help without straining your back is to move your vehicle out of your driveway. If your homes are close together, your neighbor can have the moving truck park in his or her driveway and a friend who is helping's pickup truck park in your driveway. This will allow both vehicles to be loaded quicker and easier than if the pickup were parked on the street, farther away from the house. If you do relocate your car, make sure to tell your neighbor that your driveway is free to use.

Ask About Items That Will Be Discarded

When many people move, they end up throwing out a bunch of things before doing so. This results in fewer things to unpack at the new house. It can be helpful to ask if there things that will be discarded, such as a bookshelf, yard tools, or lawn furniture, and then see if you can offer money to buy some of them — or your neighbor might even give some things to you for free. As a trade-off for getting free items, think about offering to take the remaining items to a local charity donation center or even the local dump.

Lend Any Useful Supplies That You May Have

If you have some moving supplies from your last move, you can consider lending them to your neighbor. This is best if you know the neighbor well, as you'll want to be sure that the items are returned to you. Things such as a furniture strap, moving blankets, and a hand truck are all useful items that your neighbor will be able to use to make his or her moving day go more smoothly.