How Full-Service Long-Distance Movers Can Save You Money

If you are about to embark on a long-distance move, you might wonder if hiring full-service, long-distance movers to take care of all the packing and moving are worth it. Some people try to cut down on their moving expenses by moving themselves and in many cases, the decision causes them to lose more money instead. You'll learn why long-distance movers can save you money here: 

You Can Get Out of Your House Sooner

If you rent, then you may have to pay rent for each extra day you are still in the house you are moving out of. So many people find it isn't as easy to move everything out of the house and have it cleaned as they thought. This leads to them staying longer in the house and being charged by the day for all those extra days. If you are in the house an extra week, this means you are paying a fourth of the amount of your rent, along with the rent or mortgage on the house you are moving into. When you hire movers and let them know what day you need to be out of the house, they will get you out by that day. 

You Can Have Utilities Turned off Sooner

When you have to stay in the house you are moving out of longer to finish packing and cleaning, you are going to keep some of the utilities on, such as the power and water. While it may not be too much to keep these things on for an extra few days, or even a week, it is still money you could have saved on when being moved on time by a long-distance moving company.  

You Can Save Money on the Moving Truck

When you move yourself, you will need to rent a truck to move your items in. The rental fee can be significant, especially if you are moving during a popular time of the year. When you hire a long-distance moving company, the moving truck will be covered. The amount the moving company charges for the truck is often less. 

You Can Continue Working While Moving

If you move yourself, you will likely need to stop working at your current place of employment sooner, so you have the time to pack your whole house. When you hire movers, you can continue working up until the day you and your family physically move to your new home.

For more information about long distance movers, contact a moving company near you.