The Benefits Of A Moving Storage Services Combination

Why should you choose a combination moving storage service? Professional movers can do much more than just transport your furniture from your old home to the new one. Before you book a contractor or agree to an estimate, take a look at why you might want to hire a company that offers a combo moving/self storage option.

Do You Need Extra Help Moving?

The moving process isn't always easy. Heavy items, awkwardly-shaped pieces of furniture, and breakables can make a DIY approach unmanageable. 

Even though moving is a challenge for many homeowners or renters, you don't have to lift, carry, and transport everything yourself. You also don't have to find a place to store an overflow of items or excess belongings without extra help. A professional moving/storage contractor can walk you through each step of both processes. This can reduce damage and injury risks, give you back precious moving time, and help you to manage a potentially stressful situation with ease. 

Do You Have Time To Hire Two Contractors?

While you could choose the first contractor you google, this strategy isn't likely to get you the best price or highest quality professional. Instead of picking just any mover, you need to interview a few different potential contractors. The same goes for storage facility pros. Along with interviews, you also need to find reliable references and read reviews from real customers. 

If you don't have time to meet with or interview multiple companies, get referrals from people you know, or sort through reviews online twice (once for a mover and another time for a storage company), consider a company that offers combination services. 

Do You Need An Immediate Storage Option?

A moving storage service combination provides the opportunity for you to immediately deliver almost anything to an off-site storage facility. If you plan to downsize, have older items you can't use right now, or want to keep seasonal picks (such as Christmas decorations or summer-time patio furniture) somewhere other than your new home, a storage unit is the perfect way to declutter. 

Instead of moving unused or seldom used items from your old home, to your new home, and then to a storage facility, take the middle step out of the process. The movers can bring your for-storage stash to the company's rental facility—and everything else to your new property. Not only will you save time, this option can also help you to save energy and money.